Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's all about the members

The members of St. Petersburg Toastmasters club #2284 jokingly refer to our club as "The Best Toastmasters Club in the Known Universe". The fact is that there are very few places where you can receive the real-world benefits which this club provides for such a small amount ($88 annually). Members have the tools and opportunity to connect better with a variety of other people, while gaining understanding of their motivations, hopes, fears, dreams, as well as perceptions of the world. The number one reason people come into Toastmasters is so that they can take what they hope they will learn into the outside world and apply it:

  • To get that job
  • To sway those investors
  • To persuade followers
  • To slam-dunk an upcoming presentation
  • To handle your employees better
  • To get a date with someone
  • To have confidence that they will succeed!

We give members tools which are immediately applicable in countless daily situations. The Toastmasters program is designed for breeding success in people but by a wide margin, club #2284 is the best club I have seen, simply because of its members. They enjoy the learning about others, encouraging them, and growing as group. A common sentiment I’ve heard from new members, who may not exactly be fresh out of school, is that they wish they had done this years ago. The bottom line is that the members of St. Petersburg Toastmasters have taken the outstanding program, and turned it into an outstanding club! As with any input I might give, don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself:
   Tuesday night at 6:15
   Piccadilly Cafeteria
   1900 34th St. North
   St. Petersburg, FL
See for yourself.

Now go out and do great things!
Mike Snyder


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