Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Certain Death! Maybe...

Every now and then I really miss those crazy TATURS! They recently had over 200 people at the Lake McMurtry Trail Run. Great job Ken and Brian!. For reasons unknown (I suspect drinking contaminated water from Turkey Mountain), Ken Childress was rumaging around a compost heap and found a technical diagram I had drawn of the infamous "Leap 'O Doom!"

He obviously thought that putting my brilliant specification on a T-Shirt was the best way to help keep runners safe from certain death! More likely though, he had to get SOMETHING to the T-Shirt printers at the last minute and grabbed a random file he found.

Either way, the shirts looked great! Unfortunately for me, Diana bogarted mine!

Love the big "LEAP O' DOOM" text on the shirts! Points out that the LEAP is the most colossal, monumental and gut wrenching 2 foot, er I mean 64.7 foot jump you will ever make! At least in this race. Highly underrated in my opinion...

Anyway, they had a great race this year as Trail Zombie wrote about in his blog and I wish I could have been there to run it again. As always, a few got off course though the course markings are really just a matter of perspective:

"This course is marked so well Ray Charles couldn't get lost!"

"Who marked this course, Ray Charles?!"
"Seriously, was it Ray?"

In the end though, they had a great time and everyone enjoyed themselves which is what I really love about trail running. Later TATUR!

- Now go out and do great things.

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