Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh the beautiful pain

I've had a lot of things happen in my life over the last few years which I'll defiantly write about in future articles but to start, I think I'll go back just a few years to an article I wrote about a run. It was good to see this again.

My wife and I loved to run with a group of trail runners called TATUR (Tulsa Area Trail and Ultra Runners ) when we lived in Oklahoma. We started with the group when it was just being formed and had a blast getting things off the ground. I was looking at their website archives while thinking about what to start writing on this un-followed blog. I was going through some of the archives and saw a write-up I did after running my first 50K (The Arkansas Midnight 50K) at Lake Sylvia, Arkansas. At the time, this was the hardest physical thing I had EVER done in my life. I actually learned a lot about persistence (and myself!) on that run that would serve me well later on. Here are few excerpts from my post-race recovery it and a link to the website article. I really miss those crazy trail runners:

  • 2:00 AM: Got in from first 50K with a time of about 5:49:05 and collapsed in chair. Might still have involuntary motor functions but swear I'll never move again.
  • 2:30 AM: Might lean forward to get a beer out of the cooler but swear I'll never even scooch again.
  • 2:45 AM: Beer bottle cap is not twist off. Son of a …! Might scooch 5 feet to the van & get a bottle opener but swear I'll never hobble again.
  • Around 3:00 AM: Ken comes in jumping around and says "Wow! Let's go do that again!" I don't like Ken very much at this moment…

It kind of goes on like that but you can read the whole article if you like. It really hurt but man, it was fun!

Mike Snyder

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